Choose the Perfect Photo

We understand that all the photos of your furry friend are special and choosing one for your portrait will be both fun and challenging. But don't worry! Lulu Pet Portrait team is here to help. By using our image guidelines, you will get an idea on how to select the perfect photo in no time.

Choose Your Artwork

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the desired portrait size, background color, and frame style that matches your home decor. We will do the heavy lifting of creating the best portrait that speaks your love for your pet.

Work Begins

We are a team of highly creative and passionate designers. Every order is 100% illustrated by hand.

Review the Artwork

We believe in complete customer satisfaction and for this reason, before we print the final product, we will send you a mock-up for review and make final changes if needed.

Admire the New Artwork.

Enjoy a ready-to-hang artwork at your door within 10-14 business days of placing your order.

helpful Tips to Click A Perfect Photo of Your Pet:

Here are some image guidelines to help you click the best photos for us to work with: 

  • Take a close-up photo under natural lighting.
  • Make sure your pet's neck and face is visible
  • To get the best out of the Pet Portrait, it is ideal to take a photo of your pet in a sitting or standing pose.
  • An eye-level photo will give a perfect outcome.