Photo Guidelines

  • Take a close-up photo under daylight or natural lighting.
  • Use a camera or smartphone with high definition quality
  • Avoid shadows in the images
  • Ensure your pet's neck and face is visible
  • For a perfect Pet Portrait, it is advised to take a photo of your pet in a sitting or standing pose
  • Avoid applying filters on the photo
  • An eye-level photo will give the perfect outcome
  • The final portrait is customized as per your instructions, you can choose to include or exclude the accessories on your pet

Example of a Good Photo:

  • Straight Face
  • Natural Light
  • Face (eyes especially) is visible
  • Neck and Ears is visible
  • Sitting or Standing Pose

Bad Example:

  • Angled face
  • Poor lighting (backlit)
  • Ear is cut off 
  • Not facing forward
  • Not at eye level with pet

Another Bad Example:


  • Poor lighting
  • Body and Face not visible
  • Pet is lying down


Still not sure whether your images will work? Email your image to us  ( and our highly professional team will assist you.